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Save your precious time working out ratios with our Ready-to-Ride premixed blend.


CHOOSE SHRED-RIDE 50/50 our washed sand/rubber blend, premixed and ready to spread for the ultimate arena surface package.


Shred Ride is made from recycled NZ car and truck tyres ground into a lightweight, spongy, and cushioning material. The crushed and aerated texture of the rubber pieces allows for moisture retention providing dispersment of water for the optimum cushion and shock absorption for a comfortable ride for both horse and rider.


SHRED-RIDE with its superior cushioning, drainage, and shock absorption, can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


SHRED-RIDE 50/50 provides the perfect ride for your horse, the right choice for property owners as a full surface, top up, or to improve by adding depth and cushioning. It invigorates a tired arena and is suitable for all weather conditions. It will retain water, improve binding, won't blow away, won't rot or go mouldy, won't turn to dust, won't compact, is durable and won't flatten out and break apart like other similar products that are grated not crushed.


Triple 🧲 cleaned by OVERBAND screening down to sub-micron sized particles.


Used as a full surface, top up or mix with your existing surface. The minimum arena coverage of 5cm is recommended to ensure it covers the entire area with no chance of your horse reaching the base.


The pricing listed is per square metre and includes GST.


In the quantity box write the SQM of your arena for the price. 60 x 40 arena = 2400sqm


    Particle Size: 8mm-20mm (rubber) with equestrian sand 
    Packaging: Bulk load loose or bulk bags
    Size: 1m x 1m x 1m
    Weight: 48kgs per sqm
    Sqm in packaging: approx 20.8 sqm per tonne @ 5cm coverage
    Minimum order: 20 tonne
    Minimum order for delivery 30 tonne


    See our policies on the footer of each page on this website.


    Our supplier also delivers NZ-Wide from Thames with a minimum purchase requirement of 30 tonnes North Island. 60 tonnes South Island.

    Ask us for a quote for delivery to you.

    Arrange your own freight available for pick up from Thames.

    Can be available in bulk bags at an additional cost for easier transportation.

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