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    Every arena needs WATER. An important step in the process of building a new arena or if you do no have this feature for your existing arena then book an Irrigation Consult - this is a virtual and done via email, phone or video call.

    Order via our website and a form will be emailed to complete. We forward the job to an experienced consultant who will contact you to get further information and arrange a video consultation; where they will assess your needs, water supply, pump, power, location, outlets, measurements, containment and budget. They then go away and come up with a plan come up with a detailed plan with aquote. If you choose their package deal; they will ship it to you,  you would need to get a local contractor to install.  

    Purchasing the package includes a maintenance schedule, as well as on going support for repair or replacement of componets down the track.


    Our consultant will aim to have your design plan with a quote for the package to implement within 14 working days. 


      Consulation hours spent approx 3 hours.
      Quotes are or the entire package including delivery.
      Where possible we will recommend a suitable installer near you. 
      Warranty period on fittings and components X

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