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Hydro Ride is an additive that works to inhibit dust and keep your arena hydrated. Great for regions with a low rainfall, hot or windy climates, high usage and dusty surfaces.


Benefit of the product is the high uptake of water (rain or sprinkler) and then the gradual release of water. When the arena starts to get dusty, then simply water to rehydrate again. The granules are long lasting and cycle over and over. With regular arena use, the product keeps working for up to 24 months, high traffic arenas may require every summer.


Simple to add, just spread the product evenly over your arena, groom then water/irrigate till soaked.


Non toxic with a neutral PH it is safe for your horses and the environment.


No product is a miracle fix, this product works best in conjunction with a quality irrigation system and purpose-built arena groomer. Product lasts for a minimum of 12 months with regular irrigation or rainfall.


    Form: white granules

    Packaging: PP bag

    Size: approx 20cm x 40cm x 55cm (W x L x H)

    Weight: 25kg pp bag

    Recommended coverage: 25 grams per sqm

    SQM coverage in Packaging: 1000

    Minimum order: 25kg


    Available only in white - which turns clear, so blends with surface

    1kg of granules absorbs approx 250 litres of water.


    Whilst all care is provided and we have strict quality control policies in place. Once this product has been applied or blended we offer no returns or refunds.


    1. We can quote for delivery to your nearest city with our preferred supplier Mainfreight.
    2. Door to Door delivery can also be provided via independent contractors.
    3. You can arrange your own freight, just contact us and we can provide a pickup address.
    4. Please note product may come from different suppliers and locations.
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