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Bulk = 26 x 65litre/10kg bales


Premium Stable Bedding100% natural stable bedding, made from hurd, the absorbent core of the hemp plant.

Hemp is an eco-friendly sustainable resource, fully grown and processed here in NZ.

Hemp Bedding is a game changer. Much less maintenance as it encompasses the manure for easy removal. You won’t have to change as often as it wicks moisture away to the bottom and absorbs odour and leaves the top dry.

• Effectively controls odour better than other litter.

• 2x the absorbency of pine shavings.

• No smell

• Reduces odours including ammonia.

• Minimal dust ideal for horses with respiratory issues.

• Maintains optimal humidity levels in stables and cages.

• Naturally repels problem insects.

• Cosy in winter and cool in summer.

• Soft texture provides a comfortable cushion.

• Naturally grown without chemical sprays in NZ.

• Compostable and biodegrades much faster than pine products.

Suitable for stabling, yarding, transporting, farm animals, pets, and garden mulch. Can be used on concrete floors, rubber or honeycomb matting, compacted ground.

Recommendation is 6 bales for a 3.6 x 3.6 stable at 10cm depth or double for a deep bed. Top-up of only one bale around every 7 days.


    Particle Size: .06 mm-50mm

    Packaging: Plastic wrapped bales 24 on a pallet

    Size: 60cm x 36cm x 30cm LxWxH

    Weight: up to 10 kg

    Recommended coverage: 1.8 bales per sqm

    SQM in Packaging: @ 10cm approx 1

    Minimum order: 26 bales (1 pallet)


    Whilst all care is provided and we have strict quality control policies in place. Once this product has been blended we offer no returns or refunds, each order is custom-made specifically for each clients requirements. See more information click here



    A.    Pick up from listed locations.
    B.    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via Aramex, NZ post or independent contractors. 
    C.    Delivery to your Mainfreight Depot.
    D.    Arrange your own freight. Please note product may come from different suppliers in different regions, contact us for your items pick up address.
    Message us for a quote before ordering on-line to confirm.

    ​​​​​​​Please note this product is to collect available from Christchurch or Wanganui at this stage.

1 Kilogram
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