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Fibre from the outside of the hemp plant stalk. 100% natural, eco-friendly, and sustainably grown and processed here in New Zealand.


In an equestrian surface, the fibres are mixed with sand to create a root system to bind the sand, hold moisture, minimize concussion, and create cushioning with rebound properties. Adding any fibre will protect and prevent the degradation of your sand into dust.


Highly durable fibre that is resistant to UV light, mould, and mildew. Hemp fibres are produced from the outer part of the h3mp stalk. H3mp is considered to be among the strongest of all natural fibres, historically being used for industrial purposes like rope and sails.

Also, fantastic mulch for your garden and strawberry bed.


Hemp fibre is not a stand-alone product. It is only to be used with a recommended premium sand such as our Euro Sand or A1 for maximum product benefit and durability.

Minimum 10cm of sand must be used with this product.

Minimum order 20 bales.

Price is per square metre coverage.

The pricing listed is per square metre @ 5cm coverage and includes GST.In the quantity box write the SQM of your arena for the price.60 x 40 arena = 2400sqm


    Particle Size: 50mm-70mm
    Packaging: large compressed bale
    Size: 1.0m x 1.0m x 2m LxWxH
    Weight: 300kg
    SQM in Packaging @ 5cm: 10
    Minimum order: 10


    Please see our RESOURCES page for this information.


    We can quote for delivery to your nearest city with our preferred supplier Mainfreight.

    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via independent contractors.

    You can arrange your own freight, just contact us and we can provide a pickup address.

    Please note products may come from different suppliers and locations.

3 Kilograms
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