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Is your arena looking unloved, covered in weeds or compacted? Book us to come and give it a deep conditioning leaving it fresh, groomed and ready to ride on.


Included is an arena consultation. our operator will discuss your arena levels, depth, top up if required, recommend surface products, irrigation, improvements and any steps to get there.


    Price shown includes GST, machinery, operator and our professional experience for an arena up to 60 x 40. Time allowed - up to 5 hours. If your arena is bigger or a surface other than sand please advise so we can quote accordinly.

    Arena Cleaner may not be compatible with all arena surfaces, please check with us first and we can discuss options.

    Base is in Wanganui, we are willing to travel to any location in NZ for a minimum of 4 arenas.

    Machinery will need fullsized gateway for access. Please have all gates opened ready at arrival time. Arena must be cleared of all jumps, letters, equipment before arrival.

    Travel, Accommodation and Expense charges will apply. This will be billed seperately at the time of the job. Costs may be split with other jobs on the same trip.


    Whilst all care is provided and we have strict quality control policies in place, our operator will do the best job possible for a straight forward level and clean.  If the job is more complex then this will be discussed on arrrival and on assessment. Minimum call out is $1500.


    If your arena is not even* and requires additional leveling with a bobcat this will incur extra time and charges. 

    Checking irrigation, adjusting, repairing, setting up and giving instructions on how to use in person or by video. Incurs extra time, and charges for parts and consumables if required.


    Checking that your grooming  schedule is suitable and your equipment is correct for use, traffic and type of surface. We can look yours, then suggest a new maintainance plan, adjust groomer levels, showing how-to, including grooming patterns, discuss dust inhibitors, best practices, upgrade, downgrade, attachments or products thay would make your job easier. Additional time charges apply plus parts and consumables if required.

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