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100% recycled cardboard animal bedding made from the only machine of its kind in NZ, processing uncontaminated recycled boxes and packaging. It’s a renewable source, environmentally friendly, natural and compostable.

Help the environment by choosing this eco-friendly pet bedding, you will be doing your part in reducing waste. You and your animals can sleep soundly knowing they’re cosy and saving the planet!


SUITABLE: for indoor, outdoor, stabling, yarding, transporting, pets, farm animals, worm farms, compostable toilets, garden mulch and much more. Ideal for horses, alpacas, goats, poultry, calves as well as an easy low maintenance litter and nesting material for small animals pet cages.



It is very absorbent of liquid.
Absorbs smells and reduces ammonia in the air.
No dust particles or allergens that aggravate respiratory systems. 
Comfortable as it traps warm air produced by the animal providing natural insulation.
Assists with control of red mites with poultry.
Low bacteria, mould free and highly biodegradable.
Clean, quick and easy to use.

USAGE: bedding, breeders, farmers, veterinary clinics, transporters, animals with respiratory conditions, catteries, dog hotels, pet shops.

Recommendation minimum 4 bales for a 3.6 x 3.6 stable at 20cm depth with top-up of around one bale every 7 days or as required. Bale = 1 x 20kgs loose bale in plastic bag.


    Particle Size: 15mm-15mm
    Packaging: Loose plastic wrapped bale
    Size: 50 x 35 x 60 LxWxH
    Weight: 20kgs
    Recommended coverage: 4 bales for a standard stable
    Minimum order: 1 bale


    Please see our RESOURCES page for all our policies.



    A.    Pick up from listed locations.
    B.    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via Aramex, NZ post or independent contractors. 
    C.    Delivery to your Mainfreight Depot.
    D.    Arrange your own freight. Please note product may come from different suppliers in different regions, contact us for your items pick up address.
    Message us for a quote before ordering on-line to confirm.

    This product is available for pick up from Kaiwaka, Hamilton and Wanganui at this stage.

1 Kilogram
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