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Check out our extensive range of new and recycled arena surfaces, services and equestrian related products.

Available right here in New Zealand.

Enviro Solutions, mitigate environmental concerns about your equine property.

Innovative solutions to help you make environmentally friendly choices for your equestrian property, Making choices here will make a difference to the future.

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Arena Additives, products to improve your arena

Additives to improve your arena, maintenance ideas, longevity, dust inhibitors, binding agents, water retention.

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Budget friendly range. Products that are value for money, effective solutions, on the cheaper end of the range. Ideal for clients who are working within budget constraints.


Recycled, Re-Purposed Surfaces

Recycled or repurposed materials, by-products, end-of-use, single-use items, diverted from landfill, or direct from the factory floor such as, excess new materials, off cuts, surplus textiles.  

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Premium Footing

World-class, modern footings, trending worldwide. Selected to satisfy clients that demand high-end, innovative, durable products made from the best materials money can buy. 

Eco friendly, Green Surfaces

In this range, we present our
selection of eco-friendly, green, sustainable products, made by nature, raw materials, organic biodegradable products


NZ Owned and Operated and
NZ produced products are chosen first and foremost.


We are committed to striving toward a world where we put waste to work.

We listen, offer advice and make a plan with you, for you. 

Our business is inclusive of all discipines in equestrian sports.

One product does not fix all. 

We reject the idea of throw-away, single use or limited life products.

From start-up, we made the informed decision to source recycled and repurposed materials.

We agree sustainability needs to be at the forefront of all business decision-making.

We operate with integrity; we won't sell you a one product solves all.

Products we offer are chosen for their innovation, quality and long term durability.

We support local in our regions, as priority.

Providing ranges for entry-level to professional riders.
Pony Clubs to Busineses.


Divert as much as possible into usable resources

Minimizing the residual waste sent to landfill.

Design out waste and pollution. 

Keep products and materials in use. 

Regenerate natural systems.

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Whilst it is early days for this business; we are acutely aware of the impact packaging has on the environment. So we are in discussions with our suppliers about natural jute, paper, recycled sacks & bulk bags for our different product ranges.

It seems every track we take there is a positive and negative action, so it's a matter of weighing up the best course to take. It's not just about being viable but when starting out, it certainly does affect your decision-making. So to start with, we will re-use the bulk bags that our products arrive and go out in. We will strive to minimalize and steer away from single use packaging. 


In this day and age everyone is aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, with this in mind we have come up with a product range that supports recycling. Collaborating with local & nationwide businesses diverting by-products destined for landfill and re-purposing into usable resources, this is circular economy in action.

Another policy is in our purchasing, we have bought second-hand equipment to service our needs, so luckily we have a very handy man who is competent in all things that need fixing. So we will be repairing before taking the step to buy new. Let's just say 'things don't last like they used to'. 


Mining our land, rivers, and seabed is detrimental to the environment. Traditionally mainly sand has been used to service the need until now. While sand is still an important component, adding surface products will cushion and protect, offer less wear and tear on equipment and prolong the life of your sand. Converting to synthetic products which last many more years than sand will mean less mining attributed to the equestrian industry.

We offer a range dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable options for your arena. 100% natural biodegradable materials, we are currently exploring a UV protective additive to slow the process.


Our policies and procedures reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices. 90% of our packaging is recycled or recyclable. This is a shared view we have with most of our suppliers and partners. 

Clients have the following options for disposing of our packaging.



Plasback - Recycling Used Farm Plastics. For our rural clients who have on-farm plasback bin can recycle their bulk bags. (most eco-conscious farmers utilize this service) 






AgRecovery - Rural Recycling Programme. Find a drop off site closest to you.

Our Take-Back Scheme - send your clean and undamaged bulk bags back to us via your nearest Mainfreight depot (at our cost). We either return those bags to our suppliers for reuse, refill with our custom-made arena blends or dispose of in an environmentally approved way.

Logo for recycling company - Plasback
Logo for recycling company - Agrecovery


We are exploring and trialing solutions for filtering arena runoff at drainage points to intercept products going into the waterways.
Cost-effective, straightforward ways to catch, save and return to your arena.


We will, through blogs and posts provide clever ideas and simple solutions for containing your surface from the elements, planting, fencing, barriers, and reducing dust.

We are also looking for ways of screening surfaces from manure picked up in the arena so you can safely compost or return to the land. 



Contact us to get free advice, problem solve, discuss your needs, ask questions on products, delivery and installation.