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SPONSOR A BAG Synthetic Sand

SPONSOR A BAG Synthetic Sand

Introducing a SPONSOR A BAG a promotion by Arena Surfaces NZ

bulk bags of SYNTHETIC SAND.

Get your members to sell or find sponsors to purchase a bag FOR YOUR CLUB arena, once you get to 30 we can arrange delivery. (We can get delivery quotes or you can arrange yourself.)

Synthetic Sand is the perfect surface for an equestrian arena. It is made from recycled electrical wires with the wire removed by magnetic. This durable surface is ideal addition to an existing arena or for a top up.


With this deal you will also get:

  • Free customised electronic media for promotion.
  • Shoutout for your club on our socials.
  • Free - 2 mesh drain filters for your outlets to protect washout and our waterways.


To get started contact Rachael or phone 021 930 950


    Particle Size: .03 mm-1.5mm
    Packaging: XL bulk bags or bulk loose load
    Size; 1m x 1m x 1.0m
    Weight: 500 kg bags 
    SQM in packaging @ 2.5cm: approx 40
    Minimum order: 30 bags | 15 tonne

    *1% of other material may be in the product. 


    See our policies on the footer of each page on this website.


    Delivery available from THAMES.
    We can get quotes, or you can arrange yourself.

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