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H3mp Green Pellets are a pelletized by-product of our H3mp Meal after the oil has been extracted. A natural way to improve your equine’s health, well-being and condition.

No additives, fillers, preservatives, easily digested and non-heating, plus cold pressed to retain all the benefits.


Ingested hemp is known for its array of benefits for anxiety, weight gain, muscle repair, joint pain, skin conditions, allergies, gut health, and inflammation, also safe for horses affected by Laminitis, Cushings, and suffering from insulin resistance, and metabolic disorders, also some studies show that hemp is helpful to the vital recovery systems of horses who suffer from PSSM. Full of omega oils, protein, amino acids, and fibre.

NZ Grown, Processed and Distributed.


    Pellet Size: 3-10mm long x 1mm hard-dried pellets
    Packaging: white woven PP bag
    Size: 38cm wide x 68cm high x 20 deep
    Weight: 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs
    Suggested amount to feed:  Supplement feed, not a whole feed. Can be fed dry or soaked. Gradually introduce from 125g (dry weight) per day, increasing over a period of 10 days to up to 500g per day (conditioning a horse over 500kg) Minimum order: 1
    Storage: Dry, Dark, Vermin Proof location.
    Expiry: Once water is added, feed out within 24 hours.


    See our policies on the footer of each page on this website.


    A.    Pick up from listed locations.
    B.    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via Aramex, NZ post or independent contractors. 
    C.    Delivery to your Mainfreight Depot. Contact us for a quote before ordering on-line to confirm.
    D.    Arrange your own freight. Please note product may come from different suppliers in different regions, contact us for your items pick up address. 

    Pick up locations for this product
    Palmerston North
    Looking for other stockists for our products around NZ  contact us if interested.

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