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Biochar - made from pine forestry waste - grown, owned, and processed here in NZ, 100% natural with no additives, fillers or preservatives. Farmers and growers use this product on their pasture and fields to lower methane emissions. Biochar can be fed daily, or as required, or for general use around the farm and stables.


For animals it is given as a feed additive to promote weight gain, helps with hoof and coat conditions, reduce excessing flatulence, bloating, binding and expel toxins, boost immunity, improving nutrient uptake, enhances gut microbial fermentation, aids digestion with the growth of beneficial microbes in the gastrointestinal tract, and even reduces methane emissions which all ultimately improves health productivity for the environment. It's the latest and greatest product in the 'toolbox' for dairy farmers. Use in calf pens to mitigate illness, absorption of odours, inhibit mould & bacteria which all helps in the prevention of scours.




Daily maintenance: ADLIB – in a tray as you would a salt lick. *


Feed Additive: Ideal to give nervous horses for travelling or shows, those affected by spring grass or rich bailage, change of feed, to treat the effects of medications after the course is finished to detox and firm up loose stools. 10g per 1kg of dry matter daily as needed.


Stables: add to the floor of your stable, sprinkled on bedding to neutralize odours, for spills, to purify the air, absorb liquid, repel insects, prevent mould and bacteria. 4 cups on the floor of a standard 3.6 x 3.6 stable.


Chronic or Acute Illness: see our other product ACTIVATED CHARCHOAL.

When using Biochar always have access to fresh water. See your veterinarian if additional symtoms to the above present or ongoing more than 24hrs.


    Particle Size: 1mm -10mm pieces and powder.
    Packaging:  Foil wrapped resealable bag, PP bulk bag
    7.5L bag 20cm wide x 12cm deep x 4cm high (1.1kgs)
    50L bag 83.5cm x 50 x 12 (8kgs)

    Bulk Bag 90cm x 90cm x 120cm (160kgs)
    Minimum order: 1
    Storage: Dry location

    Suggested amount to feed: 
    Supplement feed: 10g per 100kg of horse weight per day for 3 days per week in feed or ad-lib leave in a tray in their paddock for as required, like a salt lick.
    Acute: situation give 10g per 100kg of horse weight initially and feed hay, water and electrolyes, monitor and seek vet advice.

    Expiry: n/a if stored correctly

    Biochar is recommended either as a maintenance supplement daily or when required for acute or chronic symptoms.  Dose should be given with hay, water, salt and electrolytes to replace lost fluids.


    See our policies on the footer of each page on this website.


    A.    Pick up from listed locations.
    B.    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via Aramex, NZ post or independent contractors. 
    C.    Delivery to your Mainfreight Depot.
    D.    Arrange your own freight. Please note product may come from different suppliers in different regions, contact us for your items pick up address.

    Message us for a quote before ordering on-line to confirm.

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