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100% Natural Activated Charcoal Superfine Powder. Sustainably produced here in NZ, byproduct made from the waste of our massive forestry industry. Activated charcoal powder is commonly used as a supplement for animals due to its absorption and detoxification properties. 



Acute situation: poisoning or eaten something they shouldn’t have, irritable bowel, scours/chronic diarrhoea to help neutralize the hindgut pH to a favourable level, bind and expel toxins. 

Chronic conditions: such as ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, fecal water syndrome.

Helps with digestive issues:  can help absorb toxins, gas, and other harmful substances from the digestive tract, which may help alleviate digestive issues like diarrhoea, gas, and bloating.

Detoxifies the body: can help detoxify the body by binding to toxins and other harmful substances, which may help prevent illness such as grass related issues.

Improves kidney function: can help improve kidney function by removing toxins from the blood.

Poisoning: is used in the emergency treatment of certain kinds of poisoning. It helps prevent the poison from being absorbed from the stomach into the body. Sometimes, several doses are needed to treat severe poisoning.



Horses and livestock: 1 to 2 tablespoons, once or twice a day. Add to feed or mix with water ad syringe via mouth.


It's important to note that activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, so it's essential to consult with a veterinarian before administering it to your animal. Additionally, activated charcoal should not be given to animals with intestinal obstructions or dehydration. Always make sure the animal has access to fresh water.


    Particle Size:  superfine powder.
    Packaging:  Kraft resealable paper packaging
    Size: 11cm wide x 15cm high x 5cm wide

    Minimum order: 1
    Storage: Dry location
    Size: 70 grams

    Do not inhale the fine powder. This product should only be used short term and. Not to be used in place of veterinary advice for disease or serious injuries.


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    A.    Pick up from listed locations.
    B.    Door to Door delivery can also be provided via Aramex, NZ post or independent contractors. 
    C.    Delivery to your Mainfreight Depot.
    D.    Arrange your own freight. Please note product may come from different suppliers in different regions, contact us for your items pick up address.

    Message us for a quote before ordering on-line to confirm.

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